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Laser treatments are the Queen of corrective treatments. Laser is rapidly reshaping the beauty industry providing a wide range of non-surgical beauty solutions. Where laser beauty solutions really stand out is in their ability to correct and repair conditions you have been struggling with for years.

Won’t laser treatments hurt?

Don’t be intimidated as laser treatments come with little to no pain, scarring or change to your skin texture. Laser is an investment, but the results are long-term and highly effective beauty solution. The list is long, but some of the most common reason we may suggest laser beauty work is:

Tighten and tone wrinkles and deep skin creases

Skin rejuvenation


Unwanted hair removal

Removal of small blood vessels on the face and superficial veins on the body

Removal of angiomas—those little pink face and body spots

And more!

Restorative Medspa’s current laser skin rejuvenation treatments include:


Skin tightening

Laser hair removal

Treatment of solar & rosacea telangiectasia

Spider vein removal

Pigmented lesion and cherry hemangioma removal

Reach out to Restorative Medspa today to learn more about laser beauty treatments!

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