Acne Skin Treatments

If you’ve been struggling with acne with no end in sight, you’ve come to the right place. Restorative Medspa is proud to offer groundbreaking acne solutions for a clear and healthy complexion. We invite you to explore our fully customizable treatment options for results you will love!

Non-surgical acne solutions using state-of-the-art technology!

  • Improve acne and acne scars
  • Treat many common skin concerns
  • Enhance your skin’s tone and texture
  • Enjoy stunning, long-lasting results

Virtually erase acne and acne scars without surgery and with no to minimal pain, discomfort, or downtime!

Which cutting-edge acne solution is right for you?

Dr. Asma Ghafoor, our acclaimed aesthetic physician, will evaluate your unique concerns and develop a fully customized treatment plan with your needs in mind. She may recommend one or a combination of acne solutions for the best possible outcomes.

Keep in mind that treatment results may vary from person to person.

Agnes RF

Transformative Precision RF

Originally developed as a cure for acne.

  • Effective treatment with a 96 percent acne cure rate
  • Safe and predictable precision technology
  • Targets cystic acne, inflammatory acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores
  • Boosts natural healing, renewal, and rejuvenation
  • Noticeable acne reduction after just one treatment session

IPL Photofacial

Intense Pulsed Light

Clears acne and improves your skin’s health and beauty.

  • Combats stubborn acne and acne scars
  • Alters the skin at the cellular level, revealing healthy, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin.
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Repairs existing skin damage and prevents future damage for long-term skin health
  • Improve skin tone, texture, and health

LED Light Facial

Gentle Acne Treatment

Combats acne-causing bacteria without irritating the skin.

  • Gentle enough to treat all skin types
  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
  • Clears acne, blackhead, and whiteheads
  • Decreases skin oil production
  • Prevents future acne outbreaks
  • Noticeable, long-lasting results

Acne is a common inflammatory disorder that affects the sebaceous glands in the skin follicles. It starts with whiteheads (comedones) and pimples that often progress to cysts, nodules, and scarring. Agnes RF is a groundbreaking device that delivers radiofrequency through microneedles to selectively destroy sebaceous glands without injuring the skin’s outer surface. That eliminates active acne outbreaks and lowers the chance of developing future ones in the treated areas, providing a permanent acne solution. Agnes RF not only cures acne but also targets other pore-related problems, including syringomas, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Moreover, it improves the appearance of acne scars and other types of scars. Agnes RF boasts a 96 percent acne cure rate!

More and more doctors and skin care specialists now recommend IPL photofacials for the treatment of acne and acne scarring. The innovative technology utilizes broad-spectrum, intense pulsed light to combat acne, soften acne scars, and treat various skin problems. But how exactly does IPL therapy work? Scattered intense pulsed light penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin beneath the acne or acne scars without causing any damage to the epidermis. Pigment cells absorb the light energy and turn it into heat, which destroys acne-causing bacteria, eliminating acne outbreaks. IPL therapy also triggers the natural healing process and promotes collagen and elastin production, improving the appearance of acne scars. In just a few sessions, IPL photofacials can clear the most stubborn acne outbreaks and virtually erase acne scars!

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