If you are in search of a non-surgical solution to virtually erase the signs of aging or reduce your double chin, you’ve come to the right place. Restorative Medspa is proud to offer cosmetic injectables, including Botox, dermal fillers, and Kybella, to deliver beautifully youthful and contoured features. You’ll love the stunning results!

Non-surgical cosmetic and dermatological breakthrough for naturally subtle results!

  • Virtually erase the signs of aging
  • Restore your youthful appearance
  • Look and feel naturally refreshed
  • Enjoy stunning, long-lasting results

Combat the signs of aging and enhance your natural beauty without surgery!

Which cosmetic injectable is right for you?

Dr. Asma Ghafoor, our acclaimed aesthetic physician, will evaluate your unique concerns and develop a fully customized treatment plan with your needs in mind. She may recommend one or a combination of cosmetic injectables for the best results!

Keep in mind that treatment results may vary from person to person.


Injectable Neuromodulator

Smooth out contraction-induced lines and wrinkles.

  • Non-surgical wrinkle solution
  • Eliminates forehead creases, drooping brows, crow’s feet, and frown lines
  • Provides beautifully subtle and natural-looking results
  • Minimal pain, discomfort, or downtime
  • Requires less future maintenance

Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Injectables

Reverse age-related volume loss and restore your youthful appearance.

  • Erase fine lines and wrinkles
  • Correct lip lines, smile lines, and lines around the eyes
  • Provide lift and volume boost to the lips, cheeks, and midface area
  • Deliver a plump and youthful appearance
  • Virtually no pain, discomfort, or downtime

Botox, the anti-aging treatment celebrities love, is FDA approved to treat moderate to severe forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. The injectable neuromodulator derived from the botulinum toxin A helps restore your youthful appearance by temporarily blocking nerve signals to the muscles responsible for contractions, relaxing them, and visibly reducing any lines or wrinkles.

Botox reverses the signs of aging and enhances your natural beauty without the cost and downtime associated with a traditional facelift. Most patients see a dramatic reduction in wrinkles, and a smoother, more supple complexion within two to three days after treatment, with the full effects apparent in about two weeks to a month. The subtle results last from three to six months, then the muscle movement gradually returns. We may recommend touch-up treatments about every three months to maintain your youthful appearance. With time, the facial muscles become trained to relax, requiring less maintenance.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally by the body. It plays a role in transporting nutrients to the skin and helps it retain its moisture, strength, and elasticity. As the years go by, hyaluronic acid becomes less abundant, leading to a loss in facial structure and volume.

Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers counteract the aging process by correcting volume loss, gently lifting sagging skin, and restoring your youthful contours. They also smooth out mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars, plump sunken areas, and correct facial symmetry. Dermal fillers are often used to augment the lips and restore volume loss in the back of the hands. The age-defying injectables deliver a subtle, natural finish, with dramatic results lasting 6-12 months. You may require follow-up treatments to continue to enjoy a beautifully youthful appearance!

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