Medical Peels

If you’re in search of a non-surgical solution to soften the effects of time on your skin, you’ve come to the right place. Restorative Medspa is proud to offer medical peels to deliver smoother, softer skin and a brighter complexion. You’ll love the stunning results!

Non-surgical cosmetic and dermatological breakthrough to combat complexion imperfections!

  • Reverse the signs of aging and sun damage
  • Treat most common skin concerns
  • Achieve beautifully clear and healthy skin
  • Real, noticeable results

Reduce skin flaws and reveal a smooth, radiant complexion!

Are medical peels right for you?

Dr. Asma Ghafoor, our acclaimed aesthetic physician, will evaluate your skin’s unique concerns and will help you determine if medical peels are right for you. She will create a fully customized treatment plan to deliver clear, healthy, and radiant skin!

Keep in mind that treatment results may vary from person to person.

Medical Peels

Chemical Exfoliation

Gently remove dead skin cells and promote cellular growth and repair.

  • Highly effective medical-grade chemical peel
  • Fully customized treatment protocols
  • Safe for use on most skin types and colors
  • Enhances skin tone, texture, and overall health
  • Heals damaged skin and boosts suppleness and elasticity
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, freckles, enlarged pores, and much, much more
  • Delivers firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin
  • Dramatic, long-lasting results

Medical peels offer an outstanding treatment option to reverse sun damage and the signs of aging, along with a range of skin concerns. The procedure involves applying a medical-grade chemical solution to gently remove dead skin cells, impurities, and debris, revealing healthy, smooth, and radiant skin!

At Restorative Medspa, we fully tailor our medical peels to your skin type, texture, elasticity, and unique needs. We offer different types of peels, including superficial, medium, and deep.

Superficial Medical Peels: These are the mildest of all peels. They treat the skin at the surface level, gently exfoliating it and reducing dryness, roughness, and mild discoloration. A superficial peel requires little to no downtime.

Medium Medical Peels: Medium medical peels treat the outer and middle layers of the skin, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, acne, freckles, moderate discoloration, and other facial conditions. Depending on your unique needs, you may require multiple peels for the best results. A medium medical peel may require some downtime, the length of which will depend on how quickly your skin recovers.

Deep Medical Peels: These are the most intense types of peels. A deep peel removes damaged skin and smooths out deep lines, wrinkles, and shallow scars. Deep medical peels typically require some downtime, and you’ll need to stay out of the sun and protect your skin as it recovers. However, the incredible, long-lasting results are well worth the time and effort!

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