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Physician Directed Weight Loss

Loving our bodies in all its shapes and sizes has been Restorative Medspa’s mantra since day one. Body positivity means acceptance, self-love, and confidence. There’s nothing more beautiful than a person loving who they are. But, what happens when the excess weight we carry goes beyond aesthetics to jeopardize our health? Hopefully, we seek professional help, especially if the reason for weight gain is triggered by a medical condition. In such cases, typical diet changes and gym can’t really do much, but Restorative Medspa experts can.

The future of healthy weight loss is in a weight loss regimen tailor-made by a professional. Our weight loss programs are customized to each client’s specific medical conditions and weight loss goals. Dr. Ghafoor will sit down with each client and come up with a plan that best suits the individual’s habits and expectations, long-term. The plan may include prescription medication such as hCG, exercise regimen and other lifestyle changes.

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